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All of our devices are FDA registered and safe to use. Pinook Massagers can be found on the FDA website medical device list.
The Pinook Massagers are recommended by doctors , physical therapists and health care professional alike.
If in doubt consult with your doctor prior to purchasing.


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Pinook Neck & Shoulder Heat Pad- $59.99 CALL FOR DAILY PHONE DEALS UP TO 75% OFF 

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Product/Item Name:Pinook Neck & Shoulder Heat Pad- $59.99
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As the name suggests, the Pinook Neck & Shoulder Heat Pad is custom designed to fit around the neck & shoulders. However, the Neck and Shoulder pad can be used on virtually any part of your body because of its unique, versatile shape. It is easy to manipulate and with only one disc, extremely easy to use – even for those suffering from pain or extreme stiffness.

The Neck & Shoulder Pad provides up to 2 hours of heat before gradually cooling down to room temperature.

When used on the neck and shoulder, this pad stimulates the blood circulation to the brain making it an excellent source of relief for:

  • Neck tension.
  • Upper back stiffness.
  • Headaches (including migraines).
  • Chest and stomach pains.

The relaxing and soothing heat coming from this pad is also an excellent source of relief of stress.