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Pinook FDA Registered

All of our devices are FDA registered and safe to use. Pinook Massagers can be found on the FDA website medical device list.
The Pinook Massagers are recommended by doctors , physical therapists and health care professional alike.
If in doubt consult with your doctor prior to purchasing.


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Pinook MP5 Massager- $399.99 CALL FOR DAILY PHONE DEALS UP TO 75% OFF 

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Product/Item Name:Pinook MP5 Massager- $399.99
List Price:$599.99
Our Price:$99.99
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PINOOK MP5 MASSAGERThis hands-free electronic massager offers you the option to listen to music or watch video as well as enjoy a massage. The MP5 Massager also offers a full color LCD display.

You can store music MP3 files or video MP5 files on the 2G internal memory. Now while you enjoy a relaxing massage you can listen to music as well.

This model also offers a slot of a Mini SD card for hours of more music, video, and picture browsing. Included with this package are ear buds, both large and small pads, pad wires, USB connecter, AC adapter,and 2 years warranty.


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