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Pinook FDA Registered

All of our devices are FDA registered and safe to use. Pinook Massagers can be found on the FDA website medical device list.
The Pinook Massagers are recommended by doctors , physical therapists and health care professional alike.
If in doubt consult with your doctor prior to purchasing.


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Mini Masseuse Pad Wires $19.99 CALL FOR DAILY PHONE DEALS UP TO 75% OFF 

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Product/Item Name:Mini Masseuse Pad Wires $19.99
List Price:$40.00
Our Price:$19.99
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Did your Mini Masseuse Massagers wires stop working? Are you feeling one Massager pad stronger than the other? Chances are you need new wires (Wires are not covered under warranty)
Our Mini Masseuse Massage wires are high quality and very durable. They can be used for all of our massagers and the following brands: Palm Massager, Hi Dow massagers, Ismart Massagers, Mini Masseuse Massagers, Magic Masseuse Massagers, Rhythym Touch Massagers,and Pinook Mini Massagers.