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Pinook FDA Registered

All of our devices are FDA registered and safe to use. Pinook Massagers can be found on the FDA website medical device list.
The Pinook Massagers are recommended by doctors , physical therapists and health care professional alike.
If in doubt consult with your doctor prior to purchasing.


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Magic Masseuse Kit $100 CALL FOR DAILY PHONE DEALS UP TO 75% OFF 

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Product/Item Name:Magic Masseuse Kit $100
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Magic Masseuse Massage Kit

Now including two sets of pads, a $30 value, as a Christmas Special

Why pay $80/hour for a session to a massage therapist while you can get instant massages in the comfort of your own home? You will be amazed by the massage sensations produced by these hands free massagers. It feels like the fingers of a real massage therapist applying massage techniques on your muscles. You will have to try it to believe it!

Magic Masseuse units have chips that are programmed with multiple bio-electrical signals. These signals are sent out in phases with variable speeds (from slow to fast) to produce the best massage sensations. The Magic Masseuse is pre-programmed with so many combinations of signals that it keeps you guessing on what's going to come next; Tap, Stroke, Knead, Parego, Massage, Acupuncture and Cupping.

The Magic Masseuse can be used for relief anywhere, while relaxing, working even while driving. It can be operated using batteries, wall charger or directly from your computer with the USB cable.

Magic Masseuse Kit

SKU: M15M / M3BA / MAGICM1 / M4MP / M1SW / M2PA
Price: $149.99